Rita Moreno


Rio 2 (2014) Mimi
Small Miracles (2014) Beverly
Rio 2 Sing-Along (2014) Mimi
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (2014) Ida Barksdale
Nicky Deuce (2013) Tutti
King of the Corner (2004) Inez
Casa de los Babys (2003) Señora Muñoz
Open House (2003) Lydia Fitch
Piñero (2001) Miguel's Mother
Blue Moon (2000) Maggie Cavallo
The Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads (1999) Rita Kapkovic Landale
Resurrection (1999) Mimi
The Spree (1998) Irma Kelly
Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) Belle Abromowitz
The Wharf Rat (1995) Mom
Angus (1995) Madame Rulenska
I Like It Like That (1994) Rosaria Linares
Italian Movie (1994) Isabella
Age Isn't Everything (1991) Rita
B.L. Stryker: Plates (1990) Kimberly Baskin
B.L. Stryker: Grand Theft Hotel (1990) Kimberly Baskin
B.L. Stryker: High Rise (1990) Kimberly Baskin
B.L. Stryker (1990) Kimberly
B.L. Stryker: The Dancer's Touch (1989) Kimberly
B.L. Stryker: Carolann (1989) Kimberly
Portrait of a Showgirl (1982) Rosella DeLeon
The Four Seasons (1981) Claudia Zimmer
Happy Birthday, Gemini (1980) Lucille Pompi
Anatomy of a Seduction (1979) Nina
The Boss' Son (1978) Esther Rose
The Ritz (1976) Googie Gomez
Carnal Knowledge (1971) Louise
Popi (1969) Lupe
Night of the Following Day (1969) Moreno
Marlowe (1969) Dolores Gonzáles
Cry of Battle (1963) Sisa
Summer and Smoke (1961) Rosa Zacharias
West Side Story (1961) Anita
This Rebel Breed (1960) Lola Montalvo
The Deerslayer (1957) Hetty Hutter
The King and I (1956) Tuptim
The Lieutenant Wore Skirts (1956) Sandra Roberts
The Vagabond King (1956) Huguette
Untamed (1955) Julia
Apache Uprising (1955) Sonseeahray
Seven Cities of Gold (1955) Ula
Garden of Evil (1954) Cantina Singer
The Yellow Tomahawk (1954) Honey Bear
El Alamein (1954) Jara
Fort Vengeance (1953) Bridget Fitzgibbon
Latin Lovers (1953) Christina
Singin' in the Rain (1952) Zelda Zanders
The Ring (1952) Lucy Gomez
Cattle Town (1952) Queli
The Toast of New Orleans (1950) Tina
Pagan Love Song (1950) Terru