Lea Thompson


Article 99 Dr. Robin Van Dorn
Left Behind (2014) Irene Steele
Ping Pong Summer (2014) Mrs. Miracle
My Mother's Future Husband (2014) Rene
Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013) Actor
Thin Ice (2012) Jo Ann Prohaska
Love at the Christmas Table (2012) Elissa Beth
Bound by Flesh (2012) Voice
Mayor Cupcake (2011) Executive Producer, Mary Maroni
The Cabin (2011) Lily MacDougal
The Trouble With the Truth (2011) Emily
Game of Your Life (2011) Abbie
Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer (2010) Laura
Splinterheads (2009) Susan Frost
Fatal Secrets (2009) Rebecca
Exit Speed (2008) Maudie McMinn
Doubting Thomas: Lies and Spies (2008) Claire Miller
Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder (2008) Cathy Davis/Jane Doe, Director
Senior Skip Day (2008) Cathleen
The Christmas Clause (2008) Sophie
Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss (2007) Cathy Davis
Final Approach (2007) Alicia Bender
Jane Doe: Ties That Bind (2007) Cathy Davis/Jane Doe
A Life Interrupted (2007) Debbie Smith
Out of Omaha (2007) Ginger Gainor
Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well (2006) Cathy Davis
Come Away Home (2005) Carol
Jane Doe: Vanishing Act (2005) Kathy Davis/Jane Doe
Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't (2005) Cathy Davis
Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005) Cathy Davis
Jane Doe: 'Til Death Do Us Part (2005) Cathy Davis
Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall (2005) Cathy Davis, Director
Stealing Christmas (2003) Sarah Gibson
Fish Don't Blink (2002) Clara
The Unknown Cyclist (1998) Melissa Cavatelli
The Right to Remain Silent (1996) Christine Paley
The Unspoken Truth (1995) Brianne Hawkins
The Substitute Wife (1994) Amy Hightower
The Beverly Hillbillies (1993) Laura Jackson/Laurette Voleur
Dennis the Menace (1993) Mrs. Alice Mitchell
Stolen Babies (1993) Annie Beales
Back to the Future Part III (1990) Maggie McFly/Lorraine McFly
Montana (1990) Peg Guthrie
Back to the Future Part II (1989) Lorraine Baines/McFly/Tannen
Advance to Ground Zero (1989) Sally Matthews
Casual Sex? (1988) Stacy
The Wizard of Loneliness (1988) Sybil
Going Undercover (1988) Marigold de la Hunt
Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) Amanda Jones
SpaceCamp (1986) Kathryn Fairly
Howard the Duck (1986) Beverly Switzler
Back to the Future (1985) Lorraine Baines McFly
Red Dawn (1984) Erica
The Wild Life (1984) Anita
Jaws III (1983) Kelly Ann Bukowski
All the Right Moves (1983) Lisa

TV Shows

Switched at Birth (2011) Kathryn Kennish
For the People (2002) Chief Deputy Asst. D.A. Camille Paris
Caroline in the City (1995) Caroline Duffy