Abbas Kiarostami


Like Someone in Love (2013) Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Meeting Leila (2012) Screenwriter
Certified Copy (2010) Director, Screenwriter
Shirin (2009) Director, Film Editor, Producer
Tickets (2005) Director, Writer
10 on Ten (2004) Director, Writer
Crimson Gold (2004) Writer (Screenplay)
Five (2003) Cinematographer, Director, Film Editor, Screenwriter
The Deserted Station (2002) Writer (Story)
ABC Africa (2002) Director, Film Editor, Himself, Producer
10 (2002) Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Writer
Willow and Wind (2000) Writer
Le Vent Nous Emportera (1999) Director, Film Editor, Producer, Writer
Taste of Cherry (1997) Director, Producer, Writer
And Life Goes On... (1996) Director, Film Editor, Writer
Through the Olive Trees (1994) Director, Film Editor, Producer, Writer
Life and Nothing More... (1992) Director
Nema-Ye Nazdik (1990) Director, Writer
Close-Up (1990) Director, Writer
Homework (1989) Director, Writer
Where Is the Friend's Home? (1987) Director, Writer
Where Is My Friend's Home? (1987) Director, Writer
First Graders (1984) Director
Solution No. 1 (1978) Director, Film Editor, Screenwriter
Gozaresh (1977) Director, Screenwriter
Lebassi Baraye Arossi (1976) Director, Film Editor, Screenwriter
Two Solutions for One Problem (1975) Director, Film Editor, Screenwriter
The Traveler (1974) Director, Screenwriter
Breaktime (1972) Director, Screenwriter
Bread and Alley (1970) Director, Writer